Hillbilly Jam


This session is the sound of the Appalachian legacy that richly indwells the soul and soil of Knoxville. Hosted by Sarah Pirkle, a local legend from Walland, TN, a community of bluegrass beginners and experts sit together and pick and strum familiar tunes on fiddles, guitars, and bass. Open to all lovers and players of music. No need to build up the courage to join in. Just grab an instrument off the wall and take a seat.

Irish Session

1st and 3rd Thursdays

From the low central valleys to the high coastal mountains, music fills the pubs of Ireland. Guitar, harp, bodhran, flute, accordion, and dulcimer are the celtic sounds of old that combine to create a traditional and lively atmosphere every other Thursday night. Players play to enjoy and to preserve the cultural heritage that many brought to America generations ago. Come and listen or join in! (Thanks Jason for the video!)

Scottish Session

2nd and 4th Thursdays

A proud tradition, Scots love nothing more than music and drink. The drink is strong and the music is steeped in the history of the green highlands and rocky cliffs. Wether lyrics or no lyrics, every song tells a story. The hills of East Tennessee is a home away from home for this style. Pull up a chair to listen or play along every other Thursday night.

Old Time Slow Jam

2nd Sundays

The Old Time music genre reaches back to a time in America before mass media and major record labels- even before bluegrass. It's easier to find the slow fiddling and picking on an old record from the 20s than it is on a cd or in an auditorium, but it's easiest to come down to Jig & Reel on 2nd Sundays to hear it live and in person!

Scottish Country Dance

2nd Saturdays

What's just as important as drink and music in the Scottish tradition? Dancing of corse! Upbeat rhythms and quickly picked and stroked melodies make for great foot stomping. Those more experienced may even put on display a well practiced jig or reel. Whether watching or dancing, 2nd Saturdays are overflowing with energy and fun. Come on down!